Stream Surfer transforms all of these stand-alone systems into a unified intelligent network, able to communicate through a single intuitive interface.

One Intelligent Interface For Everything !

Stop switching from App to App to control your sourroundings! iCommand simplifies your subsystems into one unified App, allowing you to take command of your digital enviornment.

Advanced Integration

With the rise of new technologies and more equipment coming on-line, vendors are independently releasing stand-alone interfaces for their products. This results in a fractured experience to the end-user.

With the need for multiple interfaces or Apps to control each independent system, customers are forced to learn multiple processes & procedures. This often leaves the customer frustrated and overwhelmed with undesired results.

Stream Surfer transforms all of these stand-alone systems into intelligent devices, able to communicate through a single intuitive interface that is simple to understand.

How Does it Work?

Our Modules


The Sonos module allows you to browse and play music from your audio library, while still allowing the option to control functions like volume, lights, window coverings, and more, right within iCommand.


iCommand makes it easy to access your iTunes library from within the app. In addition to the music, iCommand also serves up the album art, artist info and your current playlist. Once you have your music selected, simply send it to the A/V device of your choosing.


Denon and Marantz network receivers and surround processors are fully supported, allowing rich and unencumbered access to a wide range streaming audio options. Stay within iCommand to quickly select between Internet based radio channels and locally stored audio collections.


Controlling your Onkyo and Integra network receivers and surround processors is simple. With a rich user experience and full integration with all your other devices, managing your entertainment space has never been easier.

Foscam Security Module

Foscam IP cameras can be an important addition to any security strategy. Stream Surfer believes that easy access to the camera imagery is important. iCommand adds control of security to HAI Omni panels.

Nest Thermostat

Google made a big splash with the acquisition of Nest Thermostats. Highlighting the importance of remote climate control, smart usage could positively impact your monthly utility costs. The iCommand system easily communicates with Nest products, giving you easy access where ever you may be.

Radio Thermostat

Radio Thermostat combines Wi-Fi technology and a unique markup language that makes remote access to A/V, lighting, and thermostat devices seamless. Now the iCommand system places all of these controls directly into the app.

Phillips Hue

Phillips Hue provides a wireless lighting solution that is ideal for the networked living environment. Each light can be controlled independently, giving you a huge range of lighting design and mood options.

Automation For HAI

The Automation Module for HAI, combined with HAI's popular Omni and Lumina controllers makes for a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible automation system. Take command of your light and dimming switches, locks, and thermostats.

Automation for ISY

Covering additional bases, iCommand includes support for ISY and Universal Devices' ISY-series automation controllers. This allows for full control and support for your light switches, light dimmers (both horizontal and vertical layout), thermostats, and other Insteon devices.

Z-Wave Automation

The Z-Wave protocol allows “dumb” devices to talk to each other. iCommand understands this protocol, thus enabling iCommand to control devices which would otherwise be absent from the network.

Mi Casa Verde Vera

iCommand harnesses the power of the Automation Module for Mi Casa Verde and Mi Casa Verde Vera-series automation, making it easy to control your light and dimming switches, locks, thermostats, and other z-wave devices.

Two-Way Feedback

Percentage Bars

Volume Status
Overhead Lights Intensity


Visual Data

Fan Speed


Custom Drivers

Drivers are the set of instructions that teach one piece of software how to communicate with another piece of software.

  Drivers are like a bridge between devices

  • Network Protocols
  • Sockets
  • Http Verbs - Get/Post
  • Serial RS-232
  • CAN Bus / Modbus
  • Z-Wave / X-10
  • Infared
  • Contact Closure
  • Sensors

Our definition of “Advanced Integration” is quite advanced. This includes cutting edge programming from hand picked programmers. It's their job to stay on the absolute apex of the technology wave, so you have the very latest in comfort and control.

In addition, our team is responsible for advancing the control and automation space, pioneering ways that we as people interact with our everyday things. All of this power and know how is at your disposal. Included in your purchase is all of the custom programming you will need to get up and running quickly. We are obsessed programmers, so you don't have to be.

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