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  What is Air-Support ?

In the event that your customers have an issue with any part of the system, they are not forced to wait for a technician to be sent to their location. With a simple push of a button, they can call in Air-Support.

Once authorized, our technician establishes a diagnostic session, giving them eyes and ears. The customer points their phone toward the troubled device and the technician can begin.

Remote Capture & Command

Remote Diagnostics & Monitoring

Powered by AirNetwork

Utilizing Apple’s AirPlay feature, the technician can view the screen of the customer’s smart device to identify any issues.

Industry Leading Support

Air-Support is our keystone. Providing industry leading customer care is only the tip of the iceberg. Air-Support encompasses all of the mechanisms that streamline our customer care and support efforts all wrapped up inside the idea that our users are paramount to our mission, making your world a better place.

This hyper focus on customer care has enabled us to build the tools necessary to solve technical issues in a prompt and remote manner. Once authorized by the customer through our advanced Air-Support system, our technicians are digitally transported into the system and can make the necessary changes as if they were physically standing in the room with the customer.

This highly efficient strategy allows us to provide immediate assistance without the cost in both time and money waiting for a technician to physically arrive. If in the unlikely event that a physical visit is required, our Elite Customer Care policies are activated and the nearest available specialized technician is dispatched immediately. This service is provided globally, regardless of your location.

HOW it works

Mission Control

Mission Control is an exclusive, web-based system that connects the local iCommand system to our technical support staff anywhere the system is able to securely connect to the internet.

Remote Support Tools

When a customer needs Air-Support, the technician is remotely tied into the iCommand system, providing superior cost cutting diagnostic and troubleshooting services.