Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we have outlined and answered many of our most commonly asked questions below. If you do not find an answer to your question on this page, please contact us directly. We'll be happy to explore all possibilities with you at any time.

You can get started by visiting one of our authorized dealers near you. A full list of dealers can be found on our Find a Dealer page. If you already have the iCommand System in hand and you are looking for ways to complete installation, give our Getting Started page a look.

Syncing the app is easy! First, type your username & password. Pressing the “sync” button next will give you a list of available handsets. Choose the labeled handset that best matches your smart device. For information on how to find your username & password, along with additional steps, visit the getting started page here.

Depending how your system was installed, you'll typically find a “Welcome Flyer” either in your manufactures owners packet or in the box that your system shipped in. The welcome flyer will contain the username & password that is unique to your system. If you are unable to locate your welcome flyer, contact us either by phone or email. We will provide you with a new copy.

Depending on how your system was installed, you would have likely received your original welcome flyer one of two ways. If an OEM manufacturer installed the system for you, look to your owner's packet to find your welcome flyer. If you received an installation packet directly, your welcome flyer will be found inside. If you are unable to find your welcome flyer, contact us either by phone or email. We will provide you with a new copy.

This error typically relates to user credentials being improperly typed into the login fields. Please check and ensure that your username & password are typed exactly how they are shown in your welcome flyer. If you continue to receive this message, please contact the Elite Customer Care center for assistance.

Seeing this message alerts you to an issue finding an available supported handset. iPads, second generation and newer are supported.

Our App is Free! You can download the app and install it onto as many devices as you like. Up to 8 devices can operate the iCommand System simultaneously in each room.

We currently support the newest Apple product lines. iPad, iPad Retina, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, iPod Touch Retina, iPhone 4. We have discontinued support of first generation iPads as Apple has ceased support as well.

Internet access is not required to freely operate the iCommand System, with a few exceptions. Your initial sync with your smart device requires outside access. You can sync your device anywhere you have Internet access, regardless of your proximity to your installed system. System sync is only required initially, unless a support technician instructs you otherwise. Some Air-Support features and automatic updates also require Internet access.

Your wireless access point is located at your S3 Connect Router. Like traditional secure wireless points, you are required to input your login credentials, found on your welcome flyer. You'll be looking for a “Broadcast Name” and “Security Phrase.” Locate your Wi-Fi login fields by navigating to your app settings and locate the corresponding signal name. Once connected, switch back to the iCommand app and take control of your environment.

With the iCommand app open, pull out the left navigation drawer. At the bottom, under settings, you will see “Wi-Fi Hotspots.” Press this button. You will then be taken to the S2 Connect control panel. Listed are available hot-spots. Press the join button to the left of our ideal hotspot. Enter the password if required. Contact us if you have questions about connecting to the Internet.

We backup your system automatically. This ensures that you stay up to date, regardless of what happens on your end. Even if you upgrade or replace your mobile device, you have access to the latest updates and backups that relate to your system. Reloading the system simply requires downloading, installing and syncing the iCommand app.

A few things to look at, in the following order. Ensure that you are connected to your system hotspot. If connected, press the red icon to see which gateways are having connectivity issues. Those gateways that may be showing red, ensure each is connected to power. Double check power breakers. If all of the above is up and working, contact Air-Support. One of our support agents will diagnose the issue.

Contact us, we will be happy to help you get the component included in the iCommand system.

Elite Customer Care is a service provided in addition to the iCommand System. The first year is included with the purchase of every iCommand System. Elite Customer Care can be renewed upon expiration for $149 a year.

Each S3 Connect Router % Gateways have been strategically installed by an authorized Stream Surfer installer. These component are typically hidden from sight and vary in location. If access is needed, please contact Air-Support, or your authorized installer. Please do not attempt to adjust your hardware components as this will void your warranty.