Getting Started

iCommand in a few easy steps

In the video to the left you will learn how easy the iCommand is to use. You'll see that our intuitive user interface utilizes familiar design elements from traditional hardware solutions while easily introducing you to a better way to interact with your environment.

Included in your welcome packet are instructions on how to get started as well as your iCommand system login information.

Click below to download the iCommand app directly from the Apple App store. To find a complete list of supported smart devices visit our FAQ section. Please note an internet connection is required for downloading the App.

During the Apps first run, you will be prompted for a username and password. You can find login information in your welcome flyer. Once your login details are imputed into the appropriate fields, press the sync button below those fields. Please be sure to make sure that you are entering your credentials in correctly. Please note the password is case-sensitive.

After entering your user credentials, you must sync your smart device with the cloud. This will update your device with all of the important information it needs to communicate with your environment. Simply press the "sync" button. Please note that an internet connection is needed during the initial Sync process. Once the App has been successfully synced, it not longer requires internet to function independently.

Connect your smart device to your system's unique Wi-Fi broadcast using the same process you would with any other Wi-Fi connection. You can find the broadcast name and passphrase in your welcome flyer.

Once you are connected to the system's Wi-Fi broadcast, open up the App and start taking command of your enviormental compontents. It's simple, all you need to remember is:

  1. Where am I located?
  2. What device do I want to control?
  3. iCommand will handle the rest!

Every system comes with one year free of Elite Customer Care Support. Please take some time to register your system to take advantage of this service. This will allow for continued updates and ensure that your system is running at its optimum.

If you have any need for more advanced assistance, please visit our extensive frequently asked questions section. Here you will find answers to our most common inquiries. If you're still stuck, feel free to contact us directly here