Integrated Connectivity

Stream Surfer spent years in research and development to identify the areas necessary to launch the most advanced automation control system possible. We first recognized that most router solutions were not secure enough to trust with our private Air-Network. Pushing certain manufactures into aggressive change has resulted in the birth of the S3 Connect Router.

Within larger marine installations, we recognized that much of the yachts construction sometimes interfered with traditional wireless signals. Our S2 Nano was created to establish a wireless signal that not only covered the yachts interior, but provided a strong signal to the docks.

With strong signal strengths inside the yacht covered, we moved to incorporate a long-range antenna that excelled in the demanding marine environment. Two factors were examined. The antennas ability to stand up to harsh salt water conditions, and it's signal strength. Our S1 Long-Range Antenna was built to meet these requirements.

Supporting the system that the S1 Long-Range Antenna connects to is our private Air-Network. This system runs securely along side of the public Internet. Available world-wide, the Air-Network ensures that your system stays up to date and trouble free.

By tightly integrating a core set of connectivity products, we are able to deliver a system which allows you to better connect with the world around you.