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Climate Control

User Experience

Just one smart device can control everything. Easy to use, simplified control on an intuitive graphical display using a familiar smart-device interface. You can even remotely monitor and control equipment.

Intelligent Interface

Simplified Design

Unified command of your environment

No Programming Required

One Touch Automation

Wi-Fi Air-Support around the globe

Every device that iCommand controls is carefully mapped out with each button and function analyzed to maximize use.

Complex steps are made simple with automation. 95% of potential desired activities can be completed within 2 easy steps.

Intelligent Interface

iCommand's elegantly designed and intuitive user interface simplifies access to your entertainment system. Rather than having multiple remotes or lists of procedures to follow, iCommand automates most of these actions for you.

Put to bed all of the confusion and frustration associated with antiquated control technology and step into the world built specifically for you.

Our Elite Customer Care service includes a specialist who will help identify your automation and control needs, to best assemble you a finely-tuned and custom iCommand system. You do not have to worry about any complicated programming and setup requirements. Simply give us a call and we will handle all of the details.

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Features & Functionality

Designed From The Ground Up

Our iCommand app was built to solve the frustrations that our team felt by using other so called “solutions.” We needed something that was powerful yet designed for simplicity, so we built it.

We Followed A Few Core Principals:

It's easy these days to simply throw something together using digital shoestrings and bubblegum. Stream Surfer has taken the time and development necessary to satisfy even the most demanding end user situations. Employing high standards of quality control and solid coding practices, iCommand has proven to enrich the users experience dramatically.

For example, our system understands the complex nature of intermingling physical hardware devices that may have not been designed to necessarily work together. By handling all of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, the end user is left with a beautifully sculptured interface that simplifies the entire process. Only quality back end hardware and software all this to be a possibility.

In addition, the interface is beautiful. Glass buttons look like they've been hand crafted by a glassblowing master and wood grains almost feel smooth after hours of fine sanding.

Our system had to be intuitive. All of the obvious, and often times not so obvious connections have been made on your behalf. For us, when you select an option within iCommand, other actions that should also take place automatically.

By looking at our intuitive interface design, it becomes quickly apparent how to use the system. Selecting the power button on an installed satellite system turns on the television and surround sound audio system. It happens automatically because it just makes since. If you'd like your lights dimmed and window coverings drawn when you hit that power button, it's easily done.

We understand that there are wide ranges of technical aptitudes and abilities from different types of people. Some have a thirst to learn every technical action behind a service. Others simply want to push a button and make it happen.

We have designed our system to be extremely user friendly. It is often too easy to complicate the usability of an interface through complicated design. We've worked hard analyzing the placement of each button so when the app is used for the first time, the user just gets is. It must make simple sense.
Imagine that you're about to sit down and watch a movie. Traditionally, you'd start by inserting a DVD or Blu Ray disk into your player. Next you'd locate all of the appropriate remote controls for all of your devices and begin the process of turning everything on. You may then lower the lights and draw your window coverings to block that late afternoon sun. After all of these steps, you are finally ready to relax and enjoy your film.

Now lets look at this same example after the iCommand system has been installed. You sit down to watch a movie. You have available to you a list of movies that are stored on your personal media server, though you can utilize disk movies as well. Browsing the catalog, you find something interesting and make your selection. With a simple press of a button on your smartphone or tablet, our “One-Touch Automation” algorithm knows to turn on all of the appropriate devices like your television and surround sound audio system. Next iCommand dims the lights to evoke the appropriate mood and lowers your window coverings to block out the sun.

Programming As A Service

Most of the “behind the scenes” programming requires extensive knowledge of advanced automation systems and years of training. We have completed all of this, so you don’t have to.

Behind the scenes, advanced home, marine, and RV digital automation is actually extremely complicated. Stream Surfer eliminates the need for our customers to learn and implement all of the programming needed to tie everything together. Our team of coding experts does all of the heavy lifting for you, so you can sit back and enjoy.

Support & Notifications

As the world begins to transition their surroundings from static environments into dynamic, interconnected extensions of themselves, users will need access to an advanced and reliable customer care solution. Our Elite Customer Care service is a cornerstone of our business model. This aspect is so important to us, we are building a user interface from the ground up that will set the standard by which all others follow.

Think of our ECC user interface like your own personal mission control, one that plugs into an advanced network of specified features designed to tackle specific issues. In the tabs above, we will outline these features in more detail, but I'd briefly define them below.

Air-Support - Once Air-Support is activated, our technicians are granted remote and secure access to the entire entertainment system, allowing us to quickly identify and fix the issue.

Notifications – In the event that the manufacturer has important safety or upgrade information concerning your boat, R/V or residence, notifications is the conduit by which they deliver their message to you.

As stated in the previous tab, Air-Support allows one of our trained technicians the ability to diagnose and / or fix any issues remotely. This saves valuable time and money as many issues that arise can be handled without a technician to physically visit your location.

For example. Lets imagine that your television fails to respond to the “power” command. With various possible issues, it's simple for our staff to simply log into your system and begin the diagnosis process. All you must do is contact our Elite Customer Care center through one of our support channels and authorized the access.

Once activated, it's as though the technician is standing right next to you, taking on all of the challenges that may be causing the issue. This gets you up and running faster and cheaper, so you can get on with your day. Air-Support in and of itself is more extensive than any simple universal remote service can offer.

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Many of our customers have the iCommand system installed on a boat or R/V. Being extremely mobile, it is sometimes difficult to receive all of the manufacturer information that you may find important. Notifications allow you to receive this information no matter where you are in the world, as long as you are able to connect to the Internet.

Notifications are also very useful for essential reminders about system care. iCommand ties into your boat or R/V's monitoring technology to better enable your awareness of scheduled or emergency maintenance. Once the iCommand system in installed, your environment becomes an intelligent network of nodes working for you around the clock.

Simplicity in Design

Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.

- Steve Jobs