Air Play

AirPlay is Apple’s proprietary broadcast protocol for sending music & video from Apple devices to AirPlay ready components. For example, you can send your music from your iPad to an AirPort Express or Apple TV or compatible A/V receiver to stream your music to that device. This allows you to play music from your device’s library to your speakers on-board. There are multiple possible configurations with AirPlay setups but here is the standard procedure for sending music to a device.

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  1. Pull up from the bottom of your Apple device to get to the dock.
  2. Locate the AirPlay button and press it.
  3. Choose the device you would like to send your audio to.
For additional information on airplay here are some useful articles & videos: [Find good list]

To find out about adding capability to send your AirPlay audio throughout your Yacht, visit our page on SeaTunes, which is our wireless multi-room audio distribution system.[Link to SeaTunes]
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