Connecting to your Boats WiFi

Each Stream Surfer system comes with our S3 or S4 Connect series connectivity router. Each router has a built-in WiFi hotspot, so you can connect your smart devices to the Stream Surfer control system. The S3/4 Connect additionally allows you to connect with outside internet connections via WiFi, 4G USB Tethering, or Ethernet WAN.

To find your on-board WiFi broadcast locate your welcome flyer. It was provided by your dealer and should be in your boat’s owner’s packet. On the welcome flyer is your unique WiFi broadcast and password.
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Now perform the following steps:

  1. Using your Smart Device open your WiFi settings.
  2. Locate your Stream Surfer broadcast in your list of available WiFi signals. [Image of example broadcast]
  3. Connect with your Stream Surfer broadcast and enter the password found on your welcome flyer. Default password is “streamsurfer” – all lowercase, all one word without the quotations (“ “)
  4. Once you have a checkmark next to your broadcast you are successfully connected to the on-board router.
  5. Open up your iCommand App to begin using the Stream Surfer control system.
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