How WiFi works

WiFi is an unlicensed, open source, low power way for computers and devices to connect to each other and the internet. There are two frequencies used for WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz. The most commonly found is 2.4 GHz. It has the longest range of the two.

The thing to remember about WiFi is that it works best within a clear line of sight. It does not travel through objects as well as other frequencies. That is why you might typically have trouble getting a good signal from a marina WiFi system deep inside your boat.

The Stream Surfer S1 LongRange radio and antenna are mounted on the hardtop of your boat. The S1 radio is dedicated to connecting to the marina or an outside hot-spot. This setup provides a much better connection to the marina WiFi system since the antenna is located higher up and typically provides a better line of sight to the marina’s WiFi transmitting antennas.

Stream Surfer creates a private network for just your boat, covering it in a WiFi blanket for all your smart devices to connect with. The indoor WiFi hotspot transmitted by the S4 Connect works in harmony with the outdoor S1 LongRange to provide you with a secure and private internal network, while still allowing your system to connect with the outside world.

If you are experiencing issues with your network sometimes a simple reboot of the system can addressit. Please refer to the S4 Connect owner’s manual for the procedure on how to reboot your system. [Link to article here]
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