iCommand System Overview


iCommand is a hardware agnostic system, meaning the App can talk to anything we can build a driver for through a multitude of different protocols. Most standard A/V equipment is typically controlled by Infrared technology or through the IP network. When using Infrared technology there will be an IR emitter connected to your equipment. This IR emitter should have a red LED indicator in it that flashes when a command is being executed. The LED helps to diagnose and troubleshoot the system.

The IR emitter is connected to one of our room gateways which converts the command sent from the iCommand App into an IR signal your A/V device can receive. IP network ready devices are controlled through the wireless or hard-wired ethernet network and receive their commands through the network. Therefore they do not require an IR emitter to be used. For a list of our supported A/V components see our compatibility list here.

iCommand App:

The iCommand App is the software side of the equation and is run directly from your smart device. Using the graphical user interface, simply touch the activity or function you wish to control. When a button is pressed, iCommand instantaneously sends the commands to your A/V equipment for control. Use the on-screen interface as you would a normal remote. Ie. Volume, Channel etc.

iCommand automates your system based on activities and alleviates the need for you to remember complicated procedures or what inputs go to what devices. The automation programming can be custom tailored to your exact needs by one of our knowledgable on-staff programmers. To get help with custom programming needs find out more about our Elite Customer Care program, your system comes with it free for the first year! [Link to Elite Customer Care Article]

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