Long Range WiFi

The S1 LongRange WiFi system was created to help solve connectivity issues while on the water. WiFi is based on line of sight, which means there needs to be a clear path between the transmitting antenna and receiving antenna. Our S1 Radio is calibrated specifically to be as sensitive as possible to receive signals from distant WiFi hotspots miles away.

Additionally, with it’s high-powered 1.6 watt radio paired with a finely tuned antenna, the S1 is capable of establishing a good solid connection with hotspots multiple miles away. If you are out on the hook not too far from a shore side connection, providing there is optimal line of sight you should be able to connect with networks upto 5 miles away.

The image to the right illustrates how the S1 is typically installed & how it connects with distant WiFi networks. [Image here of connection diagram]
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