Stream Surfer Network

Stream Surfer has a built in network just for your boat. All of your network ready devices can connect to the system, such as smart devices, internet-ready A/V components, printers, IP cameras etc. [Image of example network]

You can find the SSID by looking for the model, hull number and year. It will look something like this:

SSID Broadcast: SR590FLY50116
where: SR590FLY = model & 501 = hull number & 16 = year

The network consists of the S4 Connect, a multi-source router typically located in the salon area and additional S2 Access Points where required. Usually those are located up forward in the starboard or forward stateroom. [Image of S4 for reference]

All your devices and all your guests should use this network for entertainment and connectivity.

The S1 LongRange is a high power radio & antenna combination that reaches out to nearby Public Wi-Fi networks for an internet source. The S1 performs a scan every 5-10 minutes in default setup mode. [Image of S1 for reference]
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