The Three Step Rule

When we designed the control system user interface we wanted to make it easy yet still provide powerful functionality for advanced activities. Throughout the entire interface we adhered to the three-step rule. Where you should be able to complete any activity within three steps or less.

With our One-Touch Automation functionality, iCommand handles all of the steps involved with setting up your system, such as powering on your TV & A/V receiver, switching them to the appropriate input, and powering on your desired device.

The three step rule is as follows:

  1. Where are you located? Ie. Salon
  2. What Device or Activity would you like to do? – ie. Watch DirecTV
  3. Control your desired device.
Most other activities as well can be achieved in one button press by pulling out the left-hand navigation drawer and choosing the activity you wish to activate. [Image here of left hand drawer]

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