What We Do

We believe that traditional control and automation systems leave too many customers on the sidelines. By providing integration as a service, we give our clients the power to make a superior product. Using the latest technology, we do all the heavy lifting, leaving you without the headache of programming, graphic design and support. We provide a handcrafted control and automation solution, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

We believe the user experience is a part of your brand experience. Your interface should look beautiful and intuitive. By integrating all systems into one easy to use interface, we allow your customers to connect directly with your brand and product.

Enterprise Solutions

Our enterprise solution creates an environment wherein your brand's DNA utilizes our advanced control and automation technology to create the perfect solution for you and your customers. Below is an example of the types of services available with the Stream Surfer platform.

  • Utilize Stream Surfer control system for troubleshooting / diagnostics remotely.
  • Get real-time live information to use in making effective executive decisions.
  • Sales / Marketing / Engineering / Operations - all on Organizational-wide CLOUD System